Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peter Michael on ARIA's wine list

We are excited to be one of the lucky few to have added two wines from the legendary Peter Michael Winery to our Cellar list.
As one of the best run wineries in the world, Sir Peter Michael employs Nicolas Morlet as winemaker and Javier Avina as vineyard manager, both famous for their meticulous work.

'Les Pavots' 2006 is Peter Michael's flagship Bordeaux blend known for a very Pomerol-like mouth feel, very lush, full bodied and opulent.
'Belle Cote' 2007, a single vineyard estate Chardonnay famous for being ultrarich and concentrated, but still graceful with a crisp natural acidity.

For those of us who love great Napa Valley wines, this is an exciting time to be part of Atlanta's burgeoning wine scene as wines of the caliber of Peter Michael become more readily available.
Please come visit us at ARIA and celebrate these wines along with a terrific meal

Contributor: George Kientzy III

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